Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Most Excellent Day

Friday was a most excellent day of stitching. It started with a corner of Egypt Garden looking like this
and ended with the corner looking like this
This part with the trees and bushes is my favourite to stitch of the whole design. I just love those variegated silks.

I realised as I was stitching that I'm getting close to a finish on this piece. See?

Not so much more to do. I think I'll stick with this until I'm finished or I'm bored of stitching on it.

Rotation (for now): 
+Egypt Garden, Chatelaine
+Mystery Sampler, Linen & Threads (take-along)
+Hocus Pocus, Prairie Schooler (Dark 13)

The Outcast Dead, Elly Griffiths

True Crime Garage podcast

The Last Kingdom

1 comment:

  1. someday I will get a Chatelaine. Yours is beautiful!