Thursday, April 13, 2017

Eyes Without A Face

 I went from Christmas in April to Halloween in April and got in a little Dark 13 Stitching! In case you didn't know, Michelle from Cozy Egg and Emily from Eclectic Possessions came up with the Dark 13 Stitching and every​ month on the 13th they stitch on something dark and creepy and Halloween-y and invite us to stitch along with them and use the hashtag #dark13stitching so everybody can see our projects.

My poor owl has great big eyes but no face yet, so the Billy Idol song is running through my head right now. I really wanted to get his face/head done last night, but there's just not enough hours in the night! I'm taking him to work with me even though the 13th will be over by the time I get the chance to stitch, because I really want to finish the owl before I put this away for the month.
I decided to add a little yellow and a little green to the design (which, by the way, is Hocus Pocus from Prairie Schooler) in just a couple places. Nothing too crazy, but I want my owl to have yellow eyes and the cat on another block to have green eyes.

+ Hocus Pocus, Prairie Schooler (Dark 13)
+ Mystery Sampler, Linen and Threads (take-along)
+ Bluebell, Nora Corbett
+ K is for Kitty, Prairie Schooler
+ Egypt Garden, Chatelaine
+ Lady of the Flag, Mirabilia
+ Better Not Pout, Shepherd's Bush

+ The Plum Berry Sampler, Bent Creek (19 Mar)

Ashley Bell,by Dean Koontz

Thirteen Reasons Why
Baseball games!

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