Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Christmas In...April?

I found another box of cross-stitch stuff in the closet. (More about that later.) Inside the box was this cute little sampler. It's called Better Not Pout and it's a Shepherd's Bush kit. 

Isn't it sweet? When I say little, I mean this thing is only 2.14 inches wide, and when it's all stitched up, it'll only be 8.14 inches long. So cute! Why did I never finish this?? Oh. Because the next row is hemstitch. Threads have to be cut. That's intimidating.

Fortunately, I found a great tutorial about hemstitch and what to do with the threads you pull. I read through that and then I gave it a go. Here's what it looked like after I pulled the threads and worked them back in.

That took me over an hour to do. Actually, closer to two hours. I was scared I'd mess it up. Plus, it's tedious. (Shout out to Louis Cat for sitting still while I balanced my Q-snap on him so I could use his fur as a dark background to take that pic.) The hemstitch itself also gave me fits. I miscounted several times and had to frog.

After that, I was hell-bent on having some kind of progress to show. Fortunately, the next row of little trees was simple.

I haven't been able to settle down into my regular rotation this week, but I'm enjoying this so I think I'll stick with it for a couple of days.

+ Better Not Pout, Shepherd's Bush
+ Bluebell, Nora Corbett
+ K is for Kitty, Prairie Schooler
+ Egypt Garden, Chatelaine
+ Lady of the Flag, Mirabilia
+ Mystery Sampler, Linen and Threads (take-along)
+ Hocus Pocus, Prairie Schooler (Dark 13)

+ The Plum Berry Sampler, Bent Creek (19 Mar)

Louis Cat!

Commonwealth, by Ann Patchett

Extras (British series)
Baseball games on MLB

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