Tuesday, October 4, 2016


I almost put off doing those Rhodes stitches on the border until the very end because I was afraid they'd get mashed by being rolled up in the frame. (Even though I loosen the fabric every night when I stop for the night, it's all rolled up for hours at a time while I stitch, and I like my fabric to be pretty tight, so I was still afraid it'd be mashed.) Then I read somewhere that some stitchers use batting to cushion beadwork in cross-stitch, so I thought it might work for cushioning thick stitches as well.

I cut a piece of batting the width of my stitching and put paper towels between the batting and the stitching.
 I guess I didn't really need the paper towels, since the purpose of them is to keep beads from catching in the batting. Oh well, can't hurt. Then I just rolled it up carefully and tightened my scroll bars.
Hopefully this will keep those puffy Rhodes stitches looking nice.

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