Thursday, September 8, 2016


When I was little, my grandma and I were talking about our favorite colors as we sorted through fabric scraps for some project she was doing. (Probably a quilt block or clothes for my Barbie.) She said she liked most colors, but if pressed to pick a favorite she'd pick orchid. I feel the same way about colors: I like most all of them, but aqua blues and lavenders are my favorites. 

So this week I really enjoyed finishing up the sky on the pyramids picture in the upper right corner of this design.

Just look at those lavenders and turquoise blues next to those dark blues. The empty spaces in the sky will be filled up later with beads: tiny seed beads described as "silver-lined sapphire" and at the point of the largest pyramid, a cube-shaped bead called "iridescent sapphire". 

I also finished up the sand and the pyramids on the upper left corner (a mirror image of the right).  I almost finished the sky. I had just a little bit left, but my eyes were tired. 

Maybe I can stitch on it for a few minutes before and after work this week and finish it; otherwise, it'll be next week before I get back to it. 

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