Tuesday, September 13, 2016


In cross-stitch, there's a term called "frogging". It means the process of removing stitches when you've made a mistake, called frogging because you go "rip it, rip it" to the stitches.

Tonight I'll be frogging this whole vertical border.
That very first green bush at the top of the border should be 5 stitches wide at its widest point, not 4. That mistake throws off the whole border. Once I found the mistake, I considered fudging a row of stitches at the end of the border to make it even out. That won't work though, because the first tree trunk needs to line up with the edge of the corner piece, like this one on the opposite side:
Not having it lined up ruins the symmetry of the design. Rats. I have no choice but to take it all out and stitch it over again. This is why it's good to check your stitching often for mistakes. On many designs, one wrong stitch here or there doesn't make any difference (and I've made a couple small mistakes on this piece) but on this part of this design it makes a big difference.  I guess I should be happy I caught it now instead of later when I had more done.

Rip it, rip it...

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