Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Dratted Backstitching

Backstitching is not my favorite thing. The border with the sand and the red flowers is my least favorite part of this design, partly because the chart is hard to follow (the color symbols and the lines for the backstitching are muddled together) and partly because there's a ton of backstitching or long stitches in this section. I decided to concentrate on that border and get all that drafted backstitching finished.
I admit I took breaks from it to work on the corner palm tree bit. The palm tree is all finished except for the coconuts which I'll add tonight.  You might not be able to tell from this photo, but the trunk of the palm tree is eyelet stitches inside an outline of long stitches. I really like doing the specialty stitches on this piece, and the eyelets give the trunk a nice texture.

  While I stitch, I've been binge-watching Doc Martin again. It's my favorite show. I'd watched the whole series (at least, all of it that's on Netflix) once before, but I like it so much that I'm watching it all over again from the beginning. I enjoy it even more now that I've seen some of the animal documentaries that Martin Clunes has been in and discovered that he's nothing like the disagreeable, dog-hating doctor he plays in Doc Martin.

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