Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In No Time

This week so far I've added the coconuts to the palm tree

and stitched the "fluffy flowers" and the third of the four Bastet figures

and started again on the sky around the pyramids.

I am really pleased with how the coconuts turned out because of the shading in the variegated silks. The coconuts are done in an eyelet stitch, though I didn't pull the stitches tight because I don't want a hole in the center. I thought they'd look like doughnuts if I did. 😊

Something is off with Bastet. I stitched her correctly, so I think the way I outlined her made her look not quite right. I haven't decided yet whether to leave it as is or re-stitch the outline.

I showed my son the piece so far and after he admired the design and the colors he said, "If you buckle down you'll have it finished in no time." In no time--that makes it sound as if I'm almost done and it's encouraging.

I'm almost through the last season of Doc Martin on Netflix, so I'll have to find something as enjoyable to watch and listen to while I stitch.

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