Saturday, August 6, 2016


It took way longer than I thought it would to finish those ducks! This is partly because I find backstitching tedious and so I stitch really slowly. However, the real culprit here is my decision to binge-watch the rest of Season 2 of Bloodline on Netflix. Holy moly. I'd get involved in the show and realize that I had watched almost a whole episode without taking a stitch. If you like dark family drama, I highly recommend Bloodline. It's a slow burn, but it's riveting. Sissy Spacek is one of my favorite actresses and she delivers as the complicated, troubled matriarch of the Rayburn family. Besides, the sets of the interior of Rayburn House Inn are gorgeous--beachy without being kitschy, beautiful fabrics and wallpapers, and set decorations that make it seem like a house that's been lived in for 40 years.

Anyway, the ducks are done. :)

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