Sunday, November 8, 2015

Specialty Stitches

Lately I've been stitching on the border of this piece.  I like it because of the specialty stitches and the beautiful silks used in it.  Here's a close-up of some of the stitches:

From left to right across the top, they are: the green/teal ones are Rhodes stitches, done in the traditional way as squares; the blue between the two metallic is a Rhodes stitch variation, done as a rectangle with three strands of floss; more Rhodes stitches in teal; eyelet stitches in cranberry (these are my favorites because the stitches are pulled tight to open up the center hole); Rhodes again; and eyelets again.  Below those, on either side of the cross-stitch flowers are another Rhodes variation, done as small rectangles.  I really like the way they look like little pillows or jewels. I use this blog when I need help with specialty stitches.  Her photos and explanations are terrific and easier to understand than the instructions that come with most kits or charts.

This is what the almost-finished border looks like on the right side of the piece:

The specialty stitch at the corner on the far right is another Rhodes stitch variation.  This also shows one of four little cats (representing the Egyptian goddess Bastet) in the design.  The cats are stitched with one strand of floss over one thread of fabric, called "one over one".  One over one is perfect for these cats because it gives more shape and detail to them than regular two over two stitches would.

I say the border is almost finished because I've finished the stitching there, but I still have to add beads.  This piece will have thousands--yes, thousands!--of beads on it when it's completed.  The small empty spaces in the border are where tiny beads will be stitched.  The rectangle stitched in gold metallic will get three cube-shaped beads inside it.  Still more tiny little beads will represent stars in the night sky in the corner design to the right of Bastet.  I'll attach all those beads at the very last, when all the stitching is done.

You can see a photo of the finished piece here, but I think it really doesn't do justice to what it will look like in person. I've never seen this piece "in real life" except as I'm stitching it, which is part of my motivation in completing it--I want to see what it will look like!