Monday, August 24, 2015


Hello, and welcome to my new blog.  I'm starting this blog as a way of having a journal of sorts about what I'm stitching on, as well as what music I'm enjoying, movies I'm watching, or audiobooks I'm listening to while I stitch.

I used to cross-stitch a lot, but several years ago for various reasons I lost interest in it.  Recently while cleaning out a closet I came across my bin of WIPs (Works in Progress) and I decided to start stitching on them again.

The first piece I'm working on is called Egypt Garden, by Chatelaine Designs.  This design came out in 2005 as an online chart and stitching group, and I started stitching on it back then.  I realized when I dragged it back out that it was probably 2008 or 2009 the last time I worked on it.

This is what it looked like when I found it a couple of months ago:

Terrible photo, but it's the only one I have that shows the whole piece.

I decided to start working out from the border in the top right corner, right to left.  This is what it looked like after about three weeks of stitching:

Better photo of the colors.  The evenweave is hand-dyed, so it's variegated.

A couple of weeks ago:

And this is what it looks like as of last week:

This design uses a lot of variegated silk threads and has beautiful colors in it, so it's fun to stitch.  I'm hoping to make good progress on it this week.